Event Management


At Life pcc we undertake the implementation of business gift projects for journalists (press kits), conferences, presentations, hotels, P.R., but also for the staff of the companies. In collaboration with the leading Advertising and Public Relations companies, we choose for our customers smart and innovative solutions for their events. The great variety and the available stocks offered by the synergies with European companies enable us to serve even last minute needs. In addition, when there is time, we can proceed to customized proposals, for more specialized needs.

Indoor/Outdoor Activities

A special section of Life pcc has been created for the organization of promotional events inside and outside stores, creating a full range of services that starts from the study of the place where the event will take place, continues with the special constructions (POS materials etc.) and reaches until the final execution / theatricalization of the event, with all the necessary props and the required human resources.

Indoor Activities

In perfect alignment with the marketing department and the perfect cooperation with each store, we create the appropriate environment for the correct promotion of the products, while creating a pleasant atmosphere for the consumer. Happenings and sample distributions complete the event, offering a unique shopping experience.

Outdoor Activities

In addition to or for organizing events outdoors, Life pcc has 3 advertising vans, which can be “dressed” with the customer’s artwork, both in 3D and with simple prints, depending on the needs of the visual. There is also the possibility of internal configuration of the van even for the most demanding wishes of the customer.